List and descriptions of Belly-Punching scenes in the movies.

Great thanks to Bellylord, for being the first to make a "BP in the movies" database. Some of the scene descriptions below are form his site.

Rating System:

Just indicates how "good" the punching scenes are. You have to know:

1. The rating is not only made by the punches/kicks quantity in the movie. It considers the realism of the scene, the camera angles, the suffering scene etc. So, a movie containing, for example, 30 bellypunches not necessarily deserves the maximum rating, while one with a single hit could reach it.

2. I'll try to be as objective as possible but, if you disagree on a certain movie rating, please le me know.


NR= Not rated, I haven't seen it personally.

> = poor ; >> = not bad; >>> = good; >>>> = very good; >>>>> = excellent, must see!

The Movies

"1984" (1984) - >>- Suzanna Hamilton is punched in the solar plexus by a member of the "Psycho Police". Not a great punch, but she does a nice suffering.

"Act Of Piracy" (1990) - NR - Belinda Bauer, in a white nightie, is punched in the stomach and drops to her knees.

"Adventures Of Ford Fairlane" (1990) - NR - Is said to contain some belly-punching. It may be or may not.

"Agent Aika" (1997) - >>>>- Japanese anime. A special agent girl fights against a girls gang. Many blows to the bellies.

"All The Marbles" (1981) - >>>>> - Aka "California Dolls", this movie is about two tag-team female wrestlers, played by Vicki Frederick and Laurene Landon. Frederick takes many punches and kicks, the acting is very good and the aftermat is okay.

"Ally McBeal" (1998, TV series) - >> - Ally takes a gut shoot in an episode during a kickboxing match against her rival.

"The American Angels: Baptism of Blood" (1990) - NR - Jan MacKenzie  , Tray Loren , Mimi Lesseos  in another Pro-Wrestling movie. It contains punches, but I don't know who takes them.

"Anaconda" (1997) - > - Jennifer Lopez takes one in a not very convincing scene. During the final battle on a boat, the bad guy is down and Jennifer attacks him. He plants his foot in her stomach and sends her to her back. The action is very fast, the camera angle is wrong and she recovers immediately.

"Angel Fist" (1994) - >>>>- Cat Sassoon in a female martial arts tournaments. Some belly-punching and kicking scenes during the many fights, including a KO blow.

"Angel of Destruction" (1994) - NR - A female cop movie. A girl is held on a wall and punched in her belly by a maniac guy.

"Army of One" (1993) - >> - In this action movie, Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago in Rocky) kidnaps a cute red-head girl, played by the soap-opera actress Kristian Alfonso.  Later in the movie, she tries to escape fighitng her kidnapper, who hits her in the gut with the back of a rifle. The girl lands on her knees holding her belly. After a few fire-fighting scenes with some cops, the camera returns to the girls, who's still on the ground clutching her belly.

"Backstreet Alley Cats" (1984) - NR - Basically an X-rated movie, but the context is a female boxing league. Some punches.

"Bad Girls Dormitory" (1984) - NR - Jennifer Delora stars. Some belly punching and kicking.

"Batman and Robin" (1997) - >- Uma Thurman takes a pair of stomach blows during a fight agaist Batgir (Alicia Silverstone)

"Baton Rouge" (1988) - >>> - In this action/romance movie starring Antonio Banderas, a girl takes a punch in the stomach and falls on the bed holding her guts. The punch is not seens, but the facial expression and the aftermath are good.

"Beauty and The Beast"  (TV series) - NR -  Linda Hamilton supposedly gets in the belly during an episode about a deaf girl who witnessed a murder.

"Below The Belt" (1990) - NR - From BellyLord's site:Not to be confused with the soft-core porn movie of the same name, this is a low-budget pseudo-feminist art house film about a girl (Regina Baff) going into the wrestling game. She takes one punch, there are scenes of her practicing a punch on another girl at Mildred Burke's school, and there's a scene early on where the "bad girl" (Jane O'Brien) gives a real belly-beating in the ring to Princess War Star, one of those lusty, voluptuous bikini wrestlers who worked for Burke in the early '70s. This film is also known as "Violent Women," and is supposedly based on a book, "To Smithereens."

"Beowulf" (1998) - >>> - A cute girl takes two very good blows at the begining of the movie.

"Beretta's Island" (1994) - NR - Said to have belly slugging scenes.

"Betrayal" (1974) - NR - Tisha Sterling plays a young girl hired by old ladies as a companion, who is actually conspiring with her killer/extortionist boyfriend to rob them. When Tisha and the boyfriend argue, he giver her an uppercut to the belly and then berates her while she suffers on her knees, breathless. Reported to be very good.

"Bite the Bullet" (1973) - NR - Is said to contain a belly-blow.

"Bloodmoon" (1997) - > - American Hong-Kong style action movie. A blonde girl (Brandie Rocci?) takes a stomach punch by the bad guy while fighting him in her house. Fast action and fast recover.

"Sworn to Justice" (1996) - >>>- Cynthia Rothrock plays a martial-arts master. At the very beginning of the movie, she gets a quick punch in the stomach by a thug, then the head villain rams a baseball bat twice in her belly. Later in the movie, the villain kills a woman punching her a lot of times in the stomach.

"Boy on a Dolphin" (1957) - >> - Sophia Loren is talking with a guy. She slaps him in the face, then he charges back his arm and backhands her in the stomach, sendig her out. The camera switches to her face a little before the punch connects, the expression is good and the "thudd" is convincing.

"Bronco Busters" (1975) - NR - aka "Gone With the West." Stefanie Powers is the female lead; reportedly "has fight betwen two girls with several excellent gut punches."

"Bubblegum Crisis" (1984) - >> - In this animated movie, a girl is KOed by a cyber-thug with a gut punch.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (TV series) - >> - After the disappointing movie, in wich Kristy Swanson doesn't take any gut-shot, Sarah Michelle Gellear, who plays Buffy in the TV series, gets punched in some epidsodes. The action is always fast, and she recovers very quickly, but they're still nice.

"Caged Hearts" (1995) - NR - Carrie Genzel and Tane McClure end up behind bars. One of them (the blonde, probably McClure) gets a rude introduction in the form of a fist in the stomach from the cellblock tough girl. Also a wild fistfight early on ends with one girl getting a nightstick in the belly from a male guard.

"Caged Heat II" (1994) - NR - Another female prison flick, reported to have some quite-good belly beating scenes.

"Caged Heat 3000" (1995) - >>> - Movie about a women prison set in the space. An handful of belly hits, some in slow motion. Girls wear blue tight bodysuits.

"Cat's Eye" (1986) - >> - Anime series. The lead girl gets wind knocked out in 2 episodes.

"Cellblock sisters: Banished behind bars" (1995) - >>>> - Another one 'bout a women prison. Gail Harris stars, she takes a vicious sucker punch in a shower scene, then is beaten later in the movie. Also she kicks and punches the bad girl in the climatic fight scene.

"Chained Heat" (1983) - NR - Linda Blair gets kicked in the stomach.

"Charlie's Angels 2000" (2000) - > - Drew Barrymore takes an elbow in the stomach while fighting a bad guy aboard of an helicopter. Quick scene.

"Chesty Anderson, USN" (1976) - NR - aka Anderson's Angels. Comedy 'bout the girls in the navy, a blonde girls takes a karate chop in the stomach.

"CIA  target: Alexa" (1992) - >> - Kathleen Kinmont stars. She has a fight against a female soldier, who kicks her twice in the belly.

"CIA 2 targer: Alexa" (1994) - >>> - Again Kathleen Kinmont. Fights a tall girl in a camp who punches her in the stomach. Also, Kinmont kicks her opponent twice in the belly.

"Concrete Jungle" (1982) - NR - Believe it or not, this is a movie about... a female prison! A good scene of some girls helding and gut punching another one. Later, one of the bad girls takes a stomach blow by a cop.

"Critical Condition" (1987) - >>> - Rachel Ticotin takes a stomach punch by the bad guy in the basement of an hospital, near the end of the movie. The punch is barely seen, the lights are behind the people so all we get are two shadows, but the suffering scene is good.

"Cyclone" (1987) - NR - Heater Thomas and Ashley Ferrare exchange belly shots.

"Dangerous Prey" (1995) - NR - Shannon Whirry and Ciara Hunter trade belly punches (Shannon takes it more effectively) when they first meet. Photo at right. The rest of the film's fights are disappointing for belly-punch fans.

"Deadly Desires" ? - NR - This Chinese movie (no subtitles!!!) is reported to be one of the best belly-punching movies around.

"Diabolique" (1996) - >> - Sharon Stone is held against a wall and punched by a male, then she falls on the ground.

"Drew Carey Show" - NR - ABC sitcom. During a dream, in the episode "Drew's Brother", Christa Miller belly hits a blonde girl. 

"Electra" (1995) - > - Shannon Tweed fights against Katie Griffin. Long fight, Tweed gets three belly-shots.

"Emanuelle Around The World" (1977) - >> - Rumors on the net reported it has two belly-punching scenes. Recently, I had opportuinty to see this movie and got just one scene, where a blonde girl is ganged up by several man and punched twice in her bare belly. I missed the first 5 mins of the movie, so maybe the other scene is at the beginning of it.

"Eyes of the serpent" (1994) - NR - Reported to have belly punching scenes.

"False Arrest" (1992) - >> - A girl ends un in prison because of an error, and gets punched in the stomach while she talks on the phone.

"Fast Getaway" (1991) - >>> - Marcia Strassman takes a knee from Cynthia Rothrock and falls on the floor clutching her stomach. Then , she describes it on the thelephone. Later, Cynthia Rothrock takes several stomach - punches during a fight against a male.

"Fatal Beauty" (1987) - >>>- Woopi Goldberg plays a tough policewoman. She punches a rich woman in the stomach while trying to arrest her. Nice punch and nice suffering scene.

"Fear" (xxxx) - > - A bad guy ferociously beats a young girl, and sends her out with a punch in the stomach. The action is fast, and the whole scene is seen from behind with a bad angle.

"El Fisgon de Hotel" - NR - Mexican action/comedy. About 20 minutes from the end a female suspect being interrogated takes five punches from a female cop with a wet piece of cloth wrapped around her fist. The suspect's arms are tied behind her back, her blouse is open, but it's not a real up-close shot. A couple of minutes later, the woman cop gets kicked in the gut a couple of times by the bad guys in a bloody scene.

"Freeway" (1996) - >> - Reese Witherspoon is punched in the stomach while riding in a car with her kidnapper.

"Fugitive Rage" (1996) - NR - Said to have belly punching.

"Gia" (1997) - >>> - TV Movie, Angelina Jolie takes a sucker punch in an alley while she's buying drugs. Good suffering scene.

"Ginger" (1970) - NR - Cheri Chafaro takes three belly punches.

"Girls in prison" (1994) - NR - Said to contain belly punching.

"GOR" (1988) - NR - From BellyLord's site: Rebecca Ferratti in a battle of the slave girls. She does give her blonde rival a few knee lifts to the gut, but it's sort of silly as the girl is wearing metal armor over her midriff 

"Graveyard Shift" (1990) - NR- From BellyLord's site: Near the end the heroine is punched in the stomach by a guy and knocked unconscious.

"The Grifters" (1990) - NR - Anjelica Huston takes a vary hard one in this movie. 

"Half Moon Street" (1986) - >>> - From BellyLord's site: Sigourney Weaver, in a white jump suit, tussles with a man, who turns her around and gives her one punch in the belly that doubles her over and sends her staggering back across the room, where she falls into a couch, breathless.

"Heroic Trio 2" (1995) - > - Hong Kong movie, Michelle Yeoh takes a punch in the stomach while fighting a strange guy. Later, another girl is punched in the solar plexus.

"Hexed" (1993) - NR - Claudia Christian is punched many times in the belly.

"Hidden Assassin" (1995) - >>>>- aka "The Shooter". A girl is punched in the stomach during a fight against a man. Good suffering scene.

"High Stakes" (1990) - NR - Sally Kirkland is said to take belly punches in this movie.

"Hocus Pocus" (1993) - >> - Sarah Jessica Parker takes an elbow in the stomach. It is in comic style, but her reaction and expression are not that bad at all.

"Hollow Point" (1995) - >>> - Tia Carrere fights against a man. She kicks him repeatedly, then he charges back his arm and rams a terrific punch in her stomach. Tia doubles over and leans against a car, her arms folded around her stomach, gasping for air.

"House Of  The Spirits" (1993) - NR - Wynona Ryder gets a rifle butt in the stomach.

"Johnny Mnemonic" (1995) - >>> - Towards the end, Johnny's female bodyguard fights against a thoug girl and punches her many times in the stomach.

"Johnny Suede" (1990) - >> - Johnny's girlfriend gets a hard punch in the stomach and falls on the bed clutching her belly.

"Judge Dredd" (1995) - > - Diane Lane is fighting the bad girl, who hits her with an elbow in the stomach. The hit is not seen, but the reaction and the sound are ok.

"The Karate Kid part III" - NR - Robyn Lively plays the hero's girlfriend, and takes a gut-kick when she intervenes against some thugs that are beating her boy. Some suffer after.

"Kiss The Girls" (1997) - >>> - Ashley Judd takes some good stomach blows. Good acting and nice suffering scenes. 

"The Keep" (1983) - NR - A girl is punched by a soldier.

"Keeping The Faith" (1999) - >> - A girl asks a guy to punch her in the stomach to test her abs...

"Lady Dragon" (1992) - >>> - Cynthia Rothrock plays a girl who wants to avenge her husband's death. She takes a good punch in the middle of the film, that sends her on the floor, and also in the climatic fight against the bad guy is punched several times in the stomach.

"Lady in Red" (198?)  - NR - Said to contain bellypunching.

"Last House on the Left" (1972) - NR - Supposedly has some punching.

"The Legend of the Frenchie King"  (1971) - >>> - Claudia Cardinale and Brigitte Bardot fight in this western movie. They exchange some good blows to their bellies. Nice suffering scenes.

"Lethal Woman" (1988) - NR - Shannon Tweed gets punched repeatedly in the belly.

"Loaded Guns" (1974) - >>> - Ursula Andress plays a stewardess who gets belly punched until she passes out.

"Lola" (1985) - >>- A man kills her girlfriend punching her many times in the stomach. The punches are not seen, the camera stays on her face, but the sounds and the expression are quite good.

"Low Down Dirty Shame" (1996) - NR - There's a fight in the movie, and supposedly some blows go to the bellies of the girls.

"The Lost Empire" (1995) - NR - A girl in leather gets punched in this movie.

"Lust For Freedom" (1992) - NR - EhEh... another one about a women's prison. 

"Married With Children" - NR - This FOX TV show has two episodes in wich Christina Applegate takes belly blows. In the one called "Poke High", she gets her wind knocked out by a football ball, and in the first part of "Breaking Up is Easy To Do", gets some punches in a boxing match.

"Mind Over Murder" (1979) - NR - From Bellylord's site: Television movie. Deborah Raffin is punched in the stomach twice by a man. The two punches are not seen, but they are heard, and followed by an extended suffering scene. A fan who calls it "the best stomach suffering female I have seen in cinema" offers this account: "She is shown doubled up, butt up in the air and her head on the floor. She sloooooowly, begins to raise up after. The camera stays on her as she struggles to unfold. The facial expressions are excellent. Eventually she gets to one knee, then the other, but still needs the wall to support herself, and keeps her arms folded across her stomach. She leans against the wall, and continues to suffer as the scene ends. After some other scenes, it comes back to her, still holding her stomach, leaning now against the bed. And again latter, still in pain, but she can now walk and try to escape her kidnapper."

"Misson of Justice" (1992) - > - Some not very good punches when the star of the movie, a female cop, fight against a blonde girl  at the end of the movie.

"Model By Day" (1994, TV movie) - NR - Famke Janssen (Lady X) is "a sort of unbelievably lousy Wonder Woman" who models by day but fights for justice at night with the help of her karate master. She tracks a bad guy into an abandoned factory. He surprises her in the dark with a punch in the stomach, followed by another. "That scene is quite good, movement, sound and reaction." Another fan reports that Janssen "takes a nice and powerful sidekick to the belly later on. Her make-up artist notices her bruised stomach and asks, 'Was it business or pleasure?' "

"Mortal Kombat" (1995) - >> - Bridgette Wilson gets kicked in the stomach while she's on her hands and knees. Nice action.

"Mortal Kombat II: Annihilation" (1997) - >> - Some kicks in the stomach to the female fighters, but nothing special.

"Mugsy Girls" (1985) - NR - From BellyLord's site: Ruth Gordon is a sorority mom who leads her girls in a mud-wrestling tournament. Stars singer Laura Brannigan, but a body-double wrestles for her. A few good if brief belly-slammers.

"My Lucky Stars" (1985) - >> - Hong Kong movie, starring Jackie Chan. Towards the end, two girls fight exchanging two stomach punches.

"Natural Born Killers" (1994) - >- Juliette Lewis is hit in the stomach with a rifle butt.

"The Naked Cage" (1986) - NR - Reported to have gut punching.

"Near Misses" (1990) - NR- Comedy, supposedly has belly punching scene.

"The New Kids" (1985) - NR - Said to have bellypunching.

"Night Children" (1990) - NR - Nancy Kwan gets punched by a thug.

"The Ninth Configuration" (1980) - NR - Reported to contain a belly punch.

"No Contest" (1994) - >>> - Shannon Tweed plays as actress Sharon Belle. She presents a beauty contest, when the terrorists kidnap some of the participants. She goes to rescue the girls, and takes some stomach punches in the last fight against the bad dude. Good acting and some suffering.

"Operation Condor" (1997) - NR - Jackie Chan movie, a girl in distress takes a punch from a villain. Jackie Punches some amazons in the gut in the movie "Armour of God".

"Pacific Blue" (1997) - NR - From BellyLord's site: USA Network cable series. In the episode titled "Wheels of Fire," three pretty female vigilantes take out abusive guys with karate kicks and punches. Near the end, two of the girls turn on the one who is a snitch. She gets belly-punched HARD three times by the lead girl, who then gets KO'd by one of the female cops.

"Payback" (1999) - NR - According some fans, this movie has some belly-punching.

"Phoenix Warrior" (1988) - NR - Post apocaliptic sci-fi movie, in wich female gangs fight to the death. Some punches goes to the bellies.

"Planet Earth" (1974, TV Pilot) - NR- Reported to contain punches.

"Police Women" (1974) - NR - Said to have excellent punches.

"Prince of The Sun" (1990) - NR - An asian girl is punched in several times in her stomach.

"Prayer of the Rollerboys" - > - Post apocaliptic movie in wich the world is governed by a gang of skater boys. A girl gang takes a rifle butt in the stomach towards the end, but it's a dark scene and barely visible.

"Project A-Ko" (1986) - NR - Japanese anime about a fighting girl, some punches in the stomach.

"Pushed To The Limit" (1994) - NR - Mimi Lessoes enters a fight-to-the-death female league to avenge her sisters. Some belly punching.

"Relic Hunter" (1999) - >> - Action series starring Tia Carrere, she gets blows to her stomach in some episodes.


"Reform School Girls" (1986) - NR - Some good belly punches in this one.

"Rider On The Rain" (1970) - NR - Said to contain bellypunching.

"Rob Roy" (1995) - >> - Jessica Lange gets punched by a bad guy.

"The Saint and The Brave Goose" (1981) - NR - Spin off of the '70s TV series "Return of the Saint". Somebody reports that a readhead girl takes a fist in the gut and makes long suffering scenes.

"Sailor Moon" (1995) - >> - Anime series. There are at least two episodes in wich our heroines get hit in the stomach. 

"Saint Seiya" (1986) - >>>>- Japanese anime series. The two female characters gets many punches in their bellies.

"Scary Movie" (2000) - NR - The lead girl takes some gut-slugging in the movie.

"Scrubbers" (1982) - NR - A girl takes some blows to the gut in slow motion.

"Se Sufra Pero Se Goza" (????) - NR - Mexican comedy about a pro-style woman wrestler. Some belly blows. Bonus for having the girls in bikinis.

"Shadowchaser" (1992) - NR - A nurse gets punched by terrorists in this action movie.

"The Six Million Dollar Woman" (1976) - > - From BellyLord's site: There is an episode, "In this corner, Jamie Sommers", in wich she fights as a wrestler and takes a punch in the stomach. In another one, she gets punched while fighting some androids. She makes a long suffering. After some scenes, our heroine in shown exiting the HQ of the bad dude, still holding her stomach.

"Soylent Green" (1973) - NR - Reported to have belly punches.

"Star Maps" (1997) - NR - From BellyLord's site: Near the end a cute woman gets punched in the belly by a man while she's sitting on a bar stool. She falls to the floor and he kicks her in the stomach 2 or 3 times before its broken up. "Fairly good, not great, but worth a look."

"Star Slammer, The Escape" (1988) - NR - Women's penitentyary flick set in outer space. Some punches.

"Stormy Monday" (1988) - NR - Melanie Griffith takes two punches in the stomach by some thugs. The scene is in slow motion, but's also seen in distance and throug the rain.

"Supervixens" (1975) - >>>> - A girl is sucker punched by a man. We can't see the punch, but the camera stays on her face and the expression is vary good. She falls on the floor and makes an excellent suffering scene.

"Swamp Women" (1955) - NR - A classic with some good gut slugging scenes.

"Switchblade Sisters" (1975) - NR - A girl gang movie. One of the members is sucker punched in the gut. Then, some gut kicks are exchanged in a knife fight.

"Sweet Sugar" (1972) - NR - Some punches reported.

"Tales From The Crypt" - NR - According to the shots i seen, there's at least one punch in this horror movie.

"Ten Violent Women" (1982) - NR - Women's penitentiary flick. Some good punches in a shower-fight scene.

"Terminator 2: Judgement Day" (1991) - NR - A fan reports that Linda Hamilton gets punched in the stomach in the director's cut.

"Till murder do us part" (1992) - NR - Reported to have belly punching.

"Time Served" (1999) - NR - From BellyLord's site: Catherine Oxenberg is punched in her stomach by her abusive husband, then takes the rap for his killing. In jail, she is punched six times in her belly by an overweight inmate. Fan says: "Not realistic, but quite erotic!

"Total Recall" (1990) - >>> - Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin exchange belly kicks in the climatic fight scene.

"Trial of Billy Jack" (1974) - NR - Young girl reported to be punched in this movie.

"True Romance" (1993) - >>> - Patricia Arquette gets a hard punch by a bad guy and falls on the floor. Nice shots of her suffering on the ground.

"Vendetta" (1985) - >>>>> - Simply a cult for belly punching fans. The movie takes place in the usual women's prison. A blonde girl is belly beaten to the death. Then, her sster gets herself jailed only to avenge her death. Lots of very good punches in the many fights of the movie. Many and many other punches in the non-fighting scenes.

"Walker, Texas Ranger" (1998) - >> - There's an episode containing a fight between two gorgeus girls, with two or three punches to their bellies.

"Wild Palms" (1993) - NR - Belly punching reported.

"Wild Things" (1997) - >>> - After the end of the movie, there are some sequences to explain what really happened during the movie. In one of these, Kevin Bacon fights against Denise Ricards and KOs her with a great punch to the stomach. Denise falls on the floor holdig her aching gut. 

"Witch Academy" (1993) - NR - Said to contain belly punching.

"Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil" (1993) - NR - From BellyLord's site: Horror schlock with two above-average fights, both won by the busty, blonde, evil sorceress/seductress. First a hippie-looking mystic-woman in a skirt and midriff top surprises her while she's having sex with the male lead and the sorceress beats her up, including a punch in the stomach. Later the sorceress takes on the hero's blonde bimbo girlfriend and beats her up, with, among other things, a kick in the gut.

"The Wizard of loneliness" (1988) - NR - Supposed to have an excellent punch.

"The Wrecking Crew" (1969) - NR - From BellyLord's site: Matt Helm flick set in Denmark. Nancy Kwan sneaks up on Sharon Tate while Tate is on the phone and karate-chops her in the belly. "Sharon responds with a nice grunt."

"Xena, the warrior princess" - >>> - Belly punches appear in several episodes. Usually the action is fast, the punches are recovered very quickly but they're worth looking.

"Zandalee" (1990) - NR - Maybe has some bellypunching scene.